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If you’re looking for trusted handling and lifting equipment for hire, look no further than Eveready Plant and Tool Hire. Hiring lifting equipment rather than purchasing outright comes with a multitude of benefits.

Safety first

You know that the machinery and equipment will be well maintained by a professional when hiring lifting equipment. Safety certification will be sorted out already, and will be kept up to date. The supplier will have to ensure that the equipment complies with the industrial sector, which means complying with the 1998 Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations in the UK (LOLER). Hiring rather than purchasing your lifting and handling equipment gives you peace of mind that you and your team are able to work safely and efficiently.

Hiring also brings the benefit of using the latest up to date lifting and handling equipment, meaning your projects will be completed faster and in the safest manner possible.

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Space saving

Lifting and handling equipment can be extremely space consuming, and if you don’t have a large area to store all of your equipment, knowing which equipment to purchase can be a tough decision. Hiring your lifting and handling equipment means you don’t have to worry about storage, and can simply return the equipment once you’ve completed your project.


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Cost effective

Hiring is also extremely cost effective, as you have complete control over how much your project is going to cost. This can also help when creating quotes for clients.

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