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Within the construction industry, the hiring of non mechanical access equipment is an extremely common and beneficial practise. In contrast to buying your own, hiring has many significant advantages. Here at Eveready Plant and Tool Hire, we are reliable, available and provide a high quality service for all access equipment hire.

non mechanical access equipment hire

High quality

Access equipment can deteriorate over time, and when you own them it’s your responsibility to have them checked and keep them safe for use, especially when you’re working at height. When you hire access equipment, you have the peace of mind that they’re in perfect condition as they’ve been checked by professionals.

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No storage needed

Storing non mechanical access equipment can be difficult, especially if you’re short on space. When you hire, you don’t have to worry about this! Simply return the non mechanical access equipment when the job is done!


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Cost effective

The substantial reduction in costs is one of the most enticing reasons to hire rather than buy. The initial purchase costs for non mechanical access equipment can be incredibly costly and the best solution is not always to take on loans; this is because they require regular payments that can significantly affect your cash flow.

Hiring access equipment depletes the need to buy tools that you may not use on a regular basis, therefore being much more cost effective.


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